Real Estate

No housing crisis for politicians

While owning a home has become out of reach for millions of Australians, many parliamentarians are building large real estate portfolios with the help of tax concessions and taxpayer-funded travel allowances.

Sean Johnson

Photo by John Fornander

Over 60 per cent of federal MPs and senators own real estate beyond their home, including rental properties, second residences in Canberra, holiday and beach houses, commercial real estate and farms.

Our analysis of the Members’ and Senators’ Interest Registers shows the registration of 252 non-principal places of residence (PPR) by 138 parliamentarians. Some properties are co-owned with spouses, partners and other family members.

The two major parties dominate the listings, with Labor representatives owning 47 per cent and those from the Coalition 44 per cent. This is not just due to the number of seats the parties hold, as the table below shows that when parliamentary representation is factored in their holdings still far outpace the minor parties and independents. The difference is starkest with the Greens, where their proportion of holdings is less than half of their parliamentary representation.

Party No. of MPs and senators No. of holdings Proportion of total holdings Party representation in parliament
Labor 68 118 46.8% 103 (45.4%)
Coalition parties 56 110 43.7% 90 (39.7%)
Greens 4 8 3.2% 16 (7.1%)
Other minor parties & independents 10 16 6.4% 18 (7.9%)
Total 138 252

Biggest property owners (includes principal residence)

  • 7 properties: Karen Andrews and Nola Marino
    • 6: Tony Burke and Andrew Willcox
      • 5: Colin Boyce, Gavin Pearce, Louise Miller-Frost, Sophie Scamps
        • 4: Madeleine King, Rowan Ramsey, Rick Wilson, Meryl Swanson Glenn Sterle

          • Landlords

            48 MPs and senators - 21 per cent of the parliament - own a total of 71 rental properties. Labor has 26 landlords in its ranks and the Coalition 15.

            The largest landlord is new LNP MP Andrew Willcox with five rental properties in Queensland he co-owns with his wife. Another of note is Senator Pauline Hanson, who has disclosed she receives income from an investment property in Maitland NSW but failed to declare the property in her interests statement.

            Many of parliament's landlords would benefit from generous tax concessions like negative gearing, if mortgage repayments exceed rental income (as is commonly the case), and/or capital gains tax concessions.


            MPs and senators at the top of the totem pole are the largest real estate investors in parliament.

            69 per cent of Albanese government ministers (29 of 42) own at least one investment property, with twelve owning two or more. Employment Minister Tony Burke owns or co-owns five properties across Tasmania, Victoria and the ACT. Burke had only one investment property at the start of the last parliament in 2019.

            The Coalition is not far behind: 65 per cent of shadow ministers (29 of 44) own at least one investment property, with 14 owning two or more. The Shadow Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews co-owns six residential properties across Queensland, NSW and Western Australia, while Shadow Assistant Education Minister Nola Marino has six farms in Western Australia.

            Canberra residences

            54 MPs and senators have second residences in the Canberra region for use when parliament is sitting. 52 per cent are owned by Labor parliamentarians and the remainder by those from the Coalition.

            Despite not incurring hotel or motel costs, these parliamentarians are entitled to a tax free travel allowance of $299 for each overnight stay to cover “accommodation, meals and incidental expenses.” As the typical stay during sitting weeks is four nights, Sunday through Thursday, those with a residence would be entitled to $1,196 a week or around $20,000 a year (based on the 2021 sitting schedule).

            The hefty allowance would go a long way to offsetting any mortgage repayments on the properties. Our analysis shows at least 30 parliamentarians have declared mortgages on their Canberra properties, however the true number could be higher as some have not declared which properties their mortgages are for.

            Holiday houses

            Sixteen parliamentarians have declared holiday or beach houses. Teal independent Allegra Spender has even declared two holiday houses at Great Mackerel Beach on Sydney’s northern beaches. Why one holiday house in the same suburb is not enough is anyone's guess.

            Another standout is former defence minister Linda Reynold’s holiday house in Bali. The digs must be useful for avoiding the hordes of Australian tourists.


            At the other end of the spectrum 21 parliamentarians don’t even own a home. However 10 have spouses or partners with residences which they probably have a legal entitlement to a share of in the event of divorce or separation. And another six could be in the same boat as they are senators who are not required to publicly disclose their families’ assets.

            This leaves just four parliamentarians who have declared that neither they nor their immediate family own any real estate, including young Greens MPs’ Max Chandler-Maher and Stephen Bates, Liberal MP James Stevens and Labor MP Matt Burnell. Newly-elected Labor senator Fatima Payman could be in this group too as the 27 year old has only declared one interest. A bank account.

            In time these young elected officials will buy homes, cars and other assets, but let's hope they never reach the levels of some of their parliamentary colleagues. They could do worse than follow the lead of Finance Minister Katy Gallagher with her single home and mortgage. (Gallagher also distinguishes herself from her ministerial colleagues by not accepting gifts, free travel and hospitality.)

            While no one can criticise parliamentarians for wanting to build their wealth, it is disconcerting that so many have done it via a non-productive investment like real estate, which benefits from public subsidies and crowds out people who simply want to buy a home to live in.


            Anthony AlbaneseSelfHouse - Dulwich HillInvestment11/04/2022
            Anne AlySelfWilson WA Investment / rental11/04/2022
            Anne AlySelfBelmont WA ↳ Deleted from register 17/05/23Investment / rental11/04/2022
            Michelle Ananda-RajahSelfPorepunkah, VIC (joint holding with spouse) Residential/investment21/05/2022
            Michelle Ananda-RajahSelfBeaumaris, TAS (joint holding with spouse)Residential/investment21/05/2022
            Michelle Ananda-RajahSelfCanterbury, VIC (joint holding with spouse)Residential/investment21/05/2022
            Michelle Ananda-RajahSelfNorth Melbourne, VIC (joint holding with spouse)Residential/investment21/05/2022
            Tim AyresSelfCurrarong, NSWHoliday house and investment property24/08/2022
            Catryna BilykSelfGriffiths, ACTResidential16/08/2022
            Catryna BilykSelfSouth Hobart, TASInvestment16/08/2022
            Catryna BilykSelfSouth Hobart, TASInvestment16/08/2022
            Catryna BilykSelfKingston, TASInvestment16/08/2022
            Chris BowenSelfBawley Point NSW - half share with spouseHoliday and investment11/04/2022
            Carol BrownSelfWest Hobart, TasmaniaInvestment Property23/08/2022
            Tony BurkeSelfMeander Valley, TasmaniaInvestment11/04/2022
            Tony BurkeSelfBelconnen, ACTResidential11/04/2022
            Tony BurkeSelfSorell, TASInvestment11/04/2022
            Tony BurkeSelfHuon Valley, TASInvestment11/04/2022
            Tony BurkeSelfPort Phillip, VICInvestment11/04/2022
            Linda BurneySelfMarrickville, NSWInvestment11/04/2022
            Linda BurneySelfBarton, ACTInvestment11/04/2022
            Mark ButlerSelfGrange, South Australia Investment11/04/2022
            Alison ByrnesSelfBulli NSW Joint owner for administrative purposes (no income derived)21/05/2022
            Jim ChalmersSelfApartment (Forrest, ACT)Secondary Residence11/04/2022
            Andrew CharltonSelfParramatta NSWResidential Investment21/05/2022
            Andrew CharltonSelfBellevue Hill NSWResidential Investment21/05/2022
            Andrew CharltonSelfWoollahra NSWResidential Investment21/05/2022
            Lisa ChestersSelfReid, ACTResidential11/04/2022
            Raff CicconeSelfOakleigh East, VICInvestment08/08/2022
            Raff CicconeSelfHuntingdale, VICInvestment08/08/2022
            Jason ClareSelfMilton joint with spouseHoliday and investment11/04/2022
            Sharon ClaydonSelfKingston ACTResidential11/04/2022
            Julie CollinsSelfGriffith, ACT (50%)Second home for work11/04/2022
            Pat ConroySelfKingston ACT unit Residential11/04/2022
            Milton DickSelfGriffith, ACT Secondary Residence11/04/2022
            Milton DickSelfClayfield, Qld Investment Property11/04/2022
            Milton DickSelfSunrise Beach, Qld Investment Property11/04/2022
            Mark DreyfusSelfSouth Yarra VICInvestment through superannuation fund11/04/2022
            Justine ElliotSelfMurwillumbahInvestment11/04/2022
            Don FarrellSelfKingston, ACTResidential23/08/2022
            Steve GeorganasSelfGreeceBlock of unconstructed residential land (inheritance)11/04/2022
            Nita GreenSelfMermaid Beach, QueenslandInvestment22/08/2022
            Karen GroganSelfRosewater, South AustraliaInvestment19/08/2022
            Julian HillSelfKingston52% share: Residential, investment11/04/2022
            Julian HillSelfEden, NSW - 60% shareInvestment10/08/2022
            Stephen JonesSelfKingston, ACTRental11/04/2022
            Ged KearneySelfHervey Bay, QLDInvestment property (50% share)11/04/2022
            Ged KearneySelfHarmers Haven, VICVacant land - potential holiday location (37% share)11/04/2022
            Peter KhalilSelfMurrumbeena VICInvestment11/04/2022
            Catherine KingSelfBallarat, VICInvestment property11/04/2022
            Madeleine KingSelfBeaconsfield WA (2010 - joint)Residential11/04/2022
            Madeleine KingSelfOsmington WA (2007 - 1/3 share joint)Holiday Home11/04/2022
            Madeleine KingSelfBarton ACT (2016 - sole ownership)Canberra residence11/04/2022
            Tania LawrenceSelfKingston, ACTResidential Investment21/05/2022
            Sue LinesSelfGriffith, ACT Residential12/08/2022
            Sue LinesSelfVictoria Park, WA ↳ Deleted from register 26/09/22Investment12/08/2022
            Sue LinesSelfRedfern, NSW ↳ Deleted from register 27/01/23Investment12/08/2022
            Sue LinesSelfBusselton, WA ↳ Deleted from register 19/05/23Investment12/08/2022
            Richard MarlesSelfQueanbeyan Residential11/04/2022
            Richard MarlesSelfEast GeelongInvestment11/04/2022
            Jenny McAllisterSelfRedfern, NSW (held jointly with spouse)Investment23/08/2022
            Jenny McAllisterSelfWentworth Falls, NSWRural property managed for the purposes of environment conservation and recreation. Interest held via Project Tableland Environment Trust, shown at (2) Trusts and Nominee Companies. Held jointly with spouse.23/08/2022
            Kristy McBainSelfTura Beach, NSWInvestment11/04/2022
            Kristy McBainSelfBega, NSWInvestment11/04/2022
            Emma McBrideSelfNorah Head, NSWInvestment11/04/2022
            Louise Miller-FrostSelfGlynde SAInvestment21/05/2022
            Louise Miller-FrostSelfGoolwa SAInvestment21/05/2022
            Louise Miller-FrostSelfMcCracken SAInvestment21/05/2022
            Louise Miller-FrostSelfKensington Park SA↳ Deleted from register 3/02/23Investment21/05/2022
            Rob MitchellSelfPhillip IslandHoliday home11/04/2022
            Shayne NeumannSelfInterest in residential unit at Caloundra, QueenslandInvestment - rental11/04/2022
            Shayne NeumannSelfInterest in residential unit at Palm Beach, QueenslandInvestment - rental11/04/2022
            Brendan O'ConnorSelfLorne, VicHoliday House (occasional rental)11/04/2022
            Brendan O'ConnorSelfFitzroyInvestment 11/04/2022
            Clare O'NeilSelfInvestment property11/04/2022
            Deborah O'NeillSelfStanley, TASInvestment23/08/2022
            Deborah O'NeillSelfAlcomie, TASInvestment23/08/2022
            Deborah O'NeillSelfYorky's Knob, QLDInvestment23/08/2022
            Deborah O'NeillSelfKingston, ACTResidential23/08/2022
            Fiona PhillipsSelfCombertonRural11/04/2022
            Tanya PlibersekSelfKingston, ACTResidential11/04/2022
            Tanya PlibersekSelfCaringbah, NSWInvestment (with spouse)11/04/2022
            Tanya PlibersekSelfLjubljana, SloveniaInvestment (with spouse)11/04/2022
            Helen PolleySelfLauncestonINVESTMENT08/08/2022
            Helen PolleySelfKINGSTON ACTINVESTMENT08/08/2022
            Louise PrattSelfKingston ACTResidence while parliament is sitting19/07/2022
            Sam RaeSelfBrunswick East, VIC Secondary Residence21/05/2022
            Gordon ReidSelfUmina Beach, NSW Investment21/05/2022
            Amanda RishworthSelfGriffith ACTSecond home11/04/2022
            Amanda RishworthSelfCumberland Park SA (jointly owed with spouse)Investment11/04/2022
            Tracey RobertsSelf44 Bushwood Follow, Two Rocks, WA 6030Investment21/05/2022
            Michelle RowlandSelfCaves BeachResidential Investment11/04/2022
            Sally SitouSelfMarrickville Investment (with spouse)21/05/2022
            Marielle SmithSelfKingston, ACT - jointly with spouseResidential 22/08/2022
            Anne StanleySelfWatson, ACT Investment11/04/2022
            Glenn SterleSelfHalls Head WAInvestment10/08/2022
            Glenn SterleSelfKingston ACTResidential / Investment10/08/2022
            Glenn SterleSelfKingston ACTInvestment10/08/2022
            Jana StewartSelfNorth Fitzroy, VICRental Property18/08/2022
            Meryl SwansonSelfHouse and granny flat Kurri Kurri, NSW (jointly owned with spouse)Investment11/04/2022
            Meryl SwansonSelfNelson Bay NSW jointly owned with spouse Investment11/04/2022
            Meryl SwansonSelfKingston ACT jointly owner with spouse Residence11/04/2022
            Susan TemplemanSelfCampbell ACTResidence11/04/2022
            Susan TemplemanSelfWentworth Falls, NSWRural property, managed for the purposes of environment conservation and recreation. Interest held via unit holdings in Project Tableland Environment Trust.11/04/2022
            Kate ThwaitesSelfCollingwoodInvestment11/04/2022
            Maria VamvakinouSelfBrunswick East VictoriaInvestment Rental11/04/2022
            Maria VamvakinouSelfCarlton NorthInvestment11/04/2022
            Maria VamvakinouSelfSunshine WestInvestment rental11/04/2022
            Jess WalshSelfByron Bay, NSWInvestment20/08/2022
            Tim WattsSelfApartment, Kingston ACTInvestment11/04/2022
            Anika WellsSelfChermside, QLD Joint residency with spouse↳ Changed to 'rental property' 18/04/2311/04/2022
            Josh WilsonSelfBeaconsfield, WA - jointly with spouseInvestment11/04/2022
            Josh WilsonSelfSpearwood, WA - jointly with spouse↳ Sale of property. Deleted from register 15/06/23Investment11/04/2022
            Penny WongSelfTurner, ACTResidential - joint with spouse19/08/2022
            Penny WongSelfAdelaide, SAResidential - joint with family member19/08/2022
            Tony ZappiaSelfPooraka50% interest - investment11/04/2022
            Tony ZappiaSelfIngle Farm20% interest - investment11/04/2022
            Tony ZappiaSelfMoana20% interest - holiday home11/04/2022


            Karen AndrewsSelfMudgeeraba, QueenslandInvestment 11/04/2022
            Karen AndrewsSelfPalm Beach, QueenslandInvestment 11/04/2022
            Karen AndrewsSelfAyr, QueenslandInvestment 11/04/2022
            Karen AndrewsSelfDeniliquin, NSWInvestment 11/04/2022
            Karen AndrewsSelfKalgoorlie, Western Australia Investment 11/04/2022
            Karen AndrewsSelfClear Island Waters, QueenslandInvestment11/04/2022
            Alex AnticSelfIsland Beach, Kangaroo Island (SA)Vacant land22/08/2022
            Bridget ArcherSelfSt Helens, Tasmania Holiday property (co-owned with spouse)11/04/2022
            Wendy AskewSelfLauncestonInvestment 14/08/2022
            Wendy AskewSelfGriffith ACTResidential Property (Joint with Spouse) 14/08/2022
            Simon BirminghamSelfKlemzig, SAInvestment09/08/2022
            Slade BrockmanSelfGriffith, ACTResidence24/08/2022
            Scott BuchholzSelfBarton, ACT Second residential11/04/2022
            Scott BuchholzSelfBlackwater, QLD Investment 11/04/2022
            Scott BuchholzSelfBlackwater, QLD Investment Property11/04/2022
            Scott BuchholzSelfWOOLLOONGABBA, QLDJoint Investment11/04/2022
            Matthew CanavanSelfMacquarie, ACT ↳ Deleted from register 18/01/23Residence18/08/2022
            Michaelia CashSelfFloreat WAInvestment with spouse26/07/2022
            Michaelia CashSelfTurnerSecond residence26/07/2022
            Claire ChandlerSelfBlackmans Bay, TAS Investment property (co-owned with spouse)05/08/2022
            Darren ChesterSelfLakes Entrance VICINVESTMENT11/04/2022
            Darren ChesterSelfIvanhoe VICINVESTMENT 11/04/2022
            Darren ChesterSelfKingston ACTRESIDENTIAL (NOTE 50% OWNERSHIP)↳ Now 100% ownership. Updated 25/10/2211/04/2022
            Richard ColbeckSelfDEVONPORT TASInvestment property22/08/2022
            Mark CoultonSelfBingara, NSW Investment11/04/2022
            Mark CoultonSelfNew Acton, ACT↳ Deleted from register 9/05/23Residential (Canberra)11/04/2022
            Perin DaveySelfDeniliquin, NSWInvestment (joint with spouse)10/08/2022
            Perin DaveySelfTocumwal, NSW Joint investment with spouse10/08/2022
            Perin DaveySelfGriffith, ACT (joint with spouse)Canberra residence for Parliament10/08/2022
            Jonathon DuniamSelfSurfers Paradise, QLD Investment18/08/2022
            Peter DuttonSelfBrisbane CBD↳ Deleted from register 22/12/22Residential investment11/04/2022
            David FawcettSelfNoosa, Qld Investment09/08/2022
            David FawcettSelfCivic, ACTInvestment09/08/2022
            Paul FletcherSelfPaddington NSWInvestment11/04/2022
            Andrew GeeSelfSydneyRental11/04/2022
            Andrew GeeSelfProperty located in Sydney held via SMSF companyRental11/04/2022
            David GillespieSelfGRIFFITH, ACT RESIDENTIAL RENTAL11/04/2022
            David GillespieSelfRANDWICK, NSWINVESTMENT RESIDENTIAL RENTAL11/04/2022
            Ian GoodenoughSelfOffice, Belmont, Western AustraliaBusiness and Investment11/04/2022
            Ian GoodenoughSelfCommercial Tenancy, Currambine, Western AustraliaBusiness and Investment11/04/2022
            Ian GoodenoughSelfRural Property, Red Gully, Western AustraliaBusiness and Investment11/04/2022
            Garth HamiltonSelfSouth ToowoombaInvestment11/04/2022
            Garth HamiltonSelfSouth ToowoombaInvestment11/04/2022
            Garth HamiltonSelfMiddle RidgeInvestment11/04/2022
            Sarah HendersonSelfCanberra ACTResidential23/08/2022
            Sarah HendersonSelfPoint LonsdaleInvestment property23/08/2022
            Kevin HoganSelfBallina LGAInvestment Property, SMSF11/04/2022
            Luke HowarthSelfMount Pleasant, QueenslandInvestment property 11/04/2022
            Hollie HughesSelfKingston, ACT apartmentResidential purposes↳ Amended to 'Residential/Investment' 26/10/2207/09/2022
            Barnaby JoyceSelfBaradine NSWRural property11/04/2022
            Michelle LandrySelfGriffith, CanberraResidential Unit11/04/2022
            Sussan LeySelfAlbury Private Rental11/04/2022
            Sussan LeySelfGold CoastInvestment11/04/2022
            David LittleproudSelfBarton ACTPrivate Residence11/04/2022
            Nola MarinoSelfHarvey, WAFarm11/04/2022
            Nola MarinoSelfHarvey, WAFarm11/04/2022
            Nola MarinoSelfMyalup, WALeased out for farming11/04/2022
            Nola MarinoSelfMyalup, WALeased out for farming11/04/2022
            Nola MarinoSelfHarvey, WALeased out for farming11/04/2022
            Nola MarinoSelfHarvey, WAFarm11/04/2022
            Michael McCormackSelfMelbourneInvestment11/04/2022
            Bridget McKenzieSelfElwood, VictoriaInvestment24/08/2022
            Bridget McKenzieSelfResidential Property, Middle Park Victoria Investment24/08/2022
            Bridget McKenzieSelfGriffith CanberraInvestment / Residential24/08/2022
            Ted O'BrienSelfCanberra, ACT Second residence (sitting weeks and during other Parliamentary duty)↳ Converted to investment. 21/11/2211/04/2022
            Tony PasinSelfAdelaide Residential11/04/2022
            Tony PasinSelfOB Flat, SA Farmland11/04/2022
            James PatersonSelfKingston, ACTResidential23/08/2022
            James PatersonSelfMornington Peninsula, VictoriaInvestment property23/08/2022
            Marise PayneSelfChippendaleInvestment22/08/2022
            Gavin PearceSelfLapoinya TASFarm (Solicitor currently drafting up lease agreement)11/04/2022
            Gavin PearceSelfLapoinya TASPrime agriculture property (Under lease)11/04/2022
            Gavin PearceSelfMyalla Rd, Myalla TASPrime Agriculture property including 94Ml irrigation on farm dam and irrigation licence (Under lease)11/04/2022
            Keith PittSelfKingston, ACTInvestment (family trust)11/04/2022
            Keith PittSelfBrisbane Investment (Family Trust)11/04/2022
            Melissa PriceSelfKingston, ACTResidential11/04/2022
            Melissa PriceSelfGeraldton, Western Australia Investment11/04/2022
            Rowan RamseySelfKimbaAgricultural Land11/04/2022
            Rowan RamseySelfPort NeillBeach House11/04/2022
            Rowan RamseySelfMaylands, AdelaidePrivate Residence11/04/2022
            Gerard RennickSelfBrisbaneInvestment Property09/08/2022
            Gerard RennickSelfChinchillaInvestment Property09/08/2022
            Gerard RennickSelfCanberra PropertySecond residence09/08/2022
            Gerard RennickSelfCabarita beachInvestment Property09/08/2022
            Linda ReynoldsSelfBali, IndonesiaHoliday home12/08/2022
            Paul ScarrSelfApartment, Griffith, ACTResidential17/08/2022
            Dean SmithSelfLyons, ACTInvestment19/08/2022
            Dean SmithSelfInglewood, Western Australia ↳ Sold. Deleted from register 30/11/22Investment19/08/2022
            Michael SukkarSelfCanberra ACTInvestment11/04/2022
            Michael SukkarSelfRingwood North VICInvestment11/04/2022
            Dan TehanSelfO'Connor, ACTInvestment 11/04/2022
            Alan TudgeSelfCanberraResidential / investment11/04/2022
            Ross VastaSelfBrisbane QLDInvestment Property11/04/2022
            Ross VastaSelfManly QLDInvestment Property11/04/2022
            Jenny WareSelfHurstville, NSWPart owner, Investment21/05/2022
            Jenny WareSelfCoff Harbour, NSWPart owner, Investment21/05/2022
            Elizabeth Watson-BrownSelfAuchenflower, QueenslandInvestment (50%)21/05/2022
            Elizabeth Watson-BrownSelfHastings Point, NSWHoliday flat (50%)21/05/2022
            Anne WebsterSelfGriffith ACTResidential11/04/2022
            Andrew WillcoxSelfMT St John Townsville Owner/Landlord21/05/2022
            Andrew WillcoxSelfGarbutt Townsville Owner/Landlord21/05/2022
            Andrew WillcoxSelfHyde Park Townsville Owner/Landlord21/05/2022
            Andrew WillcoxSelfCurrajong Townsville Owner/Landlord21/05/2022
            Andrew WillcoxSelfSummer Park Brisbane Owner/Landlord21/05/2022
            Rick WilsonSelfScarborough, WAInvestment11/04/2022
            Rick WilsonSelfGriffith, ACT Investment11/04/2022
            Rick WilsonSelfAlbanyFarming Property11/04/2022
            Jason WoodSelfKing Henry Cafe SassafrasCommercial11/04/2022
            Terry YoungSelfBuderimSecondary place of residence11/04/2022


            Penny Allman-PayneSelfCleveland, QLDInvestment (former home)03/08/2022
            Mehreen FaruqiSelfBeaconsfield, NSWInvestment - joint owned with spouse19/08/2022
            Mehreen FaruqiSelfPort Macquarie, NSWInvestment - joint owned with spouse19/08/2022
            Mehreen FaruqiSelf500m2 land parcel, Lahore, PakistanSole owner19/08/2022
            Nick McKimSelfNubeena TasmaniaHoliday Home - joint with partner24/08/2022
            Nick McKimSelfNew Norfolk, TasmaniaInvestment property24/08/2022
            Nick McKimSelfNubeena TasmaniaInvestment24/08/2022
            Janet RiceSelfSisters Beach, TasmaniaResidential (holiday home)24/08/2022

            Other minor parties and independents

            Zoe DanielSelfSeparation Creek, VictoriaHoliday house21/05/2022
            Helen HainesSelf50% share of residential property Northcote Victoria 3070Investment11/04/2022
            Pauline HansonSelfMaitland NSW [property not disclosed by Pauline Hanson]Investment property23/08/2022
            David PocockSelfWhyalla, SAInvestment19/08/2022
            David PocockSelfMarmion, WA↳ Long-term loan to a friend for deposit. 31/01/23Residential19/08/2022
            David PocockSelfWavell Heights, QLD↳ Deleted from register 31/01/23Residential19/08/2022
            Sophie ScampsSelfWee Jasper, NSWFarm21/05/2022
            Sophie ScampsSelfTerrey Hills, NSWInvestment21/05/2022
            Sophie ScampsSelfKentish Local Govt Area - North West TasmaniaInvestment21/05/2022
            Sophie ScampsSelfWoollongabba, QueenslandInvestment21/05/2022
            Rebekha SharkieSelfHouse - central Queensland [listed as Bucasia in previous disclosure] Investment11/04/2022
            Allegra SpenderSelfGreat Mackerel Beach, NSWHoliday House / Investment21/05/2022
            Allegra SpenderSelfHoliday House / Investment21/05/2022
            Zali SteggallSelfManly, NSWInvestment property11/04/2022
            Kylea TinkSelfGreenwich, NSWInvestment property21/05/2022
            Andrew WilkieSelfSouthport Tasmania 7109 Joint tenant with spouse/partner - Holiday home11/04/2022

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