Real Estate

No housing crisis for politicians

While owning a home has become out of reach for millions of Australians, many parliamentarians are building large real estate portfolios with the help of tax concessions and taxpayer-funded travel allowances.


Another minister in breach of the ministerial code of conduct?

Following Open Politics' revelations about the shareholdings of Bill Shorten, Tim Ayres and Kristy McBain on 27 August, we've found the Assistant Health and Ageing Minister Ged Kearney is potentially in breach of the code by having indirect shareholdings in the Australian healthcare sector.

Richo: The lobbyist prohibited from lobbying

Open Politics has exposed that lobbyist and notorious ex-Labor senator Graham Richardson is not on the federal lobbyist register. This prohibits him from talking to anyone in the federal government on behalf of his clients.

Travel and hospitality

Liberal senator fails to declare helicopter flight

Liberal Senator Hollie Hughes has not declared to the Register of Senators' Interests a helicopter flight she took as a guest of the Port of Newcastle Corporation in 2020, Open Politics can reveal.

A system Eddie Obeid would love

Many federal politicians don't declare their private interests, fail to fully disclose them, or don't do so in the required time, and the officials who manage the interest registers say it's not their job to enforce the rules. Open Politics looks at a disclosure regime that only serves politicians.

Real Estate

Politicians and their real estate investments

The great Australian dream of home ownership is out of reach for many Australians unless they can borrow from the bank of mum and dad. But not so for federal parliamentarians, with many owning second homes, investment properties, and holiday homes.

GiftsTravel and hospitality

The price of admission

Federal politicians from NSW and Queensland never miss an opportunity to promote their love of the people's game in the belief it makes them more relatable to voters - think the PM with the Sharks and the Opposition Leader with his Rabbitohs. But, unlike the average spectator, they rarely pay to attend games, with the NRL and others providing free tickets. Does the public end up paying the bill?

GiftsTravel and hospitality

Corruption starts with a half price hamburger

Open Politics is launching a campaign to stop federal MPs and senators accepting gifts, free travel and hospitality from private groups and foreign governments. Join us by asking your local MP to make an election commitment to decline benefits in the next term of parliament.