Senator Ross Cadell

Senator Ross Cadell

Senator for NSW

The Nationals

Total Interests: 86

Latest alteration: Travel or hospitality - 21/05/24

Source: Statement of Registrable Interests - this contains interests declared as at 4/08/22 and alterations since then.  

This statement contains interests declared as being held on 4/08/22 and any alterations since then, including new interests and amendments and deletions to existing interests. The date of an alteration is when it was declared to the register, not when the change occurred.

Unfortunately, due to Senate restrictions the interests of senators' spouses/partners and dependent children are not publicly disclosable.

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1. Shareholdings

Shareholdings - 3 records

Shareholdings in public and private companies, including any holding or subsidiary companies

DateRepPersonName of company
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfInside Track Management Pty Ltd
-Cadell, RossSpouse/partnerRestricted information
-Cadell, RossDependent childrenRestricted information

2. Family and business trusts

Family and business trusts - 3 records

Family and business trusts and nominee companies

i. in which a beneficial interest is held

DateRepPersonName of trust/nominee companyNature of its operationBeneficial interest
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfNil
-Cadell, RossSpouse/partnerRestricted information
-Cadell, RossDependent childrenRestricted information

2. Family and business trusts

Family and business trusts - 3 records

ii. in which someone is a trustee

DateRepPersonName of trust/nominee companyNature of its operationBeneficial interest
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfNil
-Cadell, RossSpouse/partnerRestricted information
-Cadell, RossDependent childrenRestricted information

3. Real Estate

Real Estate - 4 records

Real estate, including the location (suburb or area only) and the purpose for which it is owned

27/07/2023Cadell, RossSelfUnit in City, ACTFor use during sitting periods
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfRedhead NSWResidence
-Cadell, RossSpouse/partnerRestricted information
-Cadell, RossDependent childrenRestricted information

4. Directorships

Directorships - 3 records

Registered directorships of companies

DateRepPersonName of companyActivities of company
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfInside Track ManagementSports Marketing and Agency
-Cadell, RossSpouse/partnerRestricted information
-Cadell, RossDependent childrenRestricted information

5. Partnerships

Partnerships - 3 records

Partnerships, including the nature of the interests and activities of the partnership

DateRepPersonNameNature of interestsActivities
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfNil
-Cadell, RossSpouse/partnerRestricted information
-Cadell, RossDependent childrenRestricted information

6. Liabilities

Liabilities - 3 records

Liabilities, including the nature of the liability and the name of the creditor

04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfMortgage on Residential HomeMacquarie Bank
-Cadell, RossSpouse/partnerRestricted information
-Cadell, RossDependent childrenRestricted information

7. Bonds

Bonds - 3 records

Bonds, debentures and like investments

DateRepPersonType of investmentBody in which investment is held
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfNil
-Cadell, RossSpouse/partnerRestricted information
-Cadell, RossDependent childrenRestricted information

8. Savings or investment accounts

Savings - 6 records

Savings or investment accounts, including the nature of the account and the name of the bank or financial institution

DateRepPersonName of bank/institution
27/07/2023Cadell, RossSelfCommonwealth Bank account
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfANZ
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfCommonwealth Bank
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfCommonwealth Bank
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSpouse/partnerANZ
-Cadell, RossDependent children

9. Other assets

Other assets - 4 records

The nature of any other assets (excluding household and personal effects) each valued at over $7,500

DateRepPersonNature of any other assets
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfLife Insurance
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfSuperannuation
-Cadell, RossSpouse/partnerRestricted information
-Cadell, RossDependent childrenRestricted information

10. Other income

Other income - 3 records

The nature of any other substantial sources of income (excluding official salary)

DateRepPersonNature of income
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfNil
-Cadell, RossSpouse/partnerRestricted information
-Cadell, RossDependent childrenRestricted information

11. Gifts

Gifts - 62 records

Gifts of more than $750 from official sources (e.g. a foreign or domestic government, or officeholder in a government) or at more than $300 from non-official sources. Gifts from family or friends do not need to be declared unless a member or senator judges that it could create an appearance of a conflict of interest.

DateRepPersonDetails of gifts
06/05/2024Cadell, RossSelfFounded in 1995, the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) is an industry association whose mission is to be the voice of the food and grocery supply industry and a valued service provider to members. To showcase a cross section of their members Australian made product they have delivered to my suite a basket containing: - one pack of Arnott’s 250g delta cream biscuits, one pack of 250g Arnott’s shortbread cream biscuits, two 13g bags of Cobs popcorn in sea salt flavour, one Cadbury’s 175g lamington slices chocolate block, one Cadbury 180g dairy milk chocolate block, three 300ml cans of Bundaberg Ginger beer and one 470g Value Pack bag of Allen’s Party Mix lollies, which happens to by my second favourite Allen’s bag of lollies behind their Retro Party Mix.
06/05/2024Cadell, RossSelfWesTrac proudly and expertly provide world-class equipment, service and support to the machines that have built Australia for many years, and at a tour of their multi-faceted NSW head office with Chief Executive of WesTrac in NSW and ACT Adrian Howard I had hands on encounters with the new and refurbished CAT appliances, parts, service, fabrication, technology and training departments and was kindly gifted by him: - a gift bag containing a stylish CAT branded trucker cap, a WesTrac branded 100 page A5 size brown leatherette bound note pad, a black 400ml diamond patterned stainless steel Double Wall CAT Coffee Cup, a WesTrac bamboo ballpoint pen and a 3D custom moulded Cat Loader shaped 8GB USB flash drive. Upon departure of the complex it had started to rain I was then also gifted a large black CAT umbrella with yellow trim.
06/05/2024Cadell, RossSelfSince its founding in 2009, Uber has grown to 10,000 cities across 71 countries of the world and facilitates more than 23 million trips every day. At the Parliamentary Friends of Tourism event sponsored by them at Parliament House, along with the Tourism & Transport Forum and industry stakeholders I was gifted an artisan style satin black Uber branded water bottle with bamboo and stainless steel lid, and 3 x 20 gram KOKO BLACK brand milk chocolate bars – Cost Unknown.
26/03/2024Cadell, RossSelfThe Australian Association of Christian Schools is an advocacy organisation representing the interests of over a hundred Christian schools in every State and Territory across the nation. In a celebration of Easter the AACS has today delivered to my office a wonderfully smelling and tasting 6 pack of Hot Cross Bun’s made by local bakers, Three Mills Bakery. Lightly toasted with a generous helping of butter these were delicious and very much appreciated – Cost unknown.
26/03/2024Cadell, RossSelfVeolia have been providing vital water, waste and energy services for 170 years and I was delighted to be gifted a 4 pack of 375ml “Biere De Mer”, a refreshing Australia Pale Ale crafted using desalinated seawater in a partnership between Veolia and Madocke Brewing Company, the Belgian born beer brewers living and creating on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast. Thanks Veolia! – Cost unknown
26/03/2024Cadell, RossSelfIn a show of Irish-Australian pride and celebration of Irish culture I was invited by the Parliamentary Friends of Ireland in conjunction with the Embassy of Ireland in Australia to a lunchtime celebration of Irish culture for St Patrick’s Day 2024, where I was invited to taste Guinness 0.0 and gifted a stunning schooner sized embossed Guinness glass. As lovely as the glass is, as a Lager drinker, I found the Guinness a bit bitey, like watered down Marmite - Glass cost unknown
28/02/2024Cadell, RossSelfAttended the Kingo Hotel to catch up with the great John “Wacka” Williams and other Parliamentary colleagues. Ordered on the table tab the grilled chicken breast with coriander chimichurri which I thought also came with chips, salad and a Coke no sugar because the Kingo doesn’t stock Pepsi Max. When the meal didn’t come with chips, I stole some chips from colleagues at the table. When it came time to settle the tab it had already been paid for by the Australian Association of Convenience Stores. Total Cost $32.50
07/02/2024Cadell, RossSelfMy wife and I were guests of Shane Mattiske in the Newcastle Jets Chairman's lounge, the stress of missing two penalties was too much and forced me to break my after Christmas diet by indulging the magnificent half time party pies while witnessing Apostolos Stamatelopoulos claw back a draw from the Melbourne Victory in the 88th minute. Unfortunately the Jet's were unable to break the Victory’s amazing 15 game unbeaten streak this season. I hope we do better against the Mariners!
07/02/2024Cadell, RossSelfThe Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Canberra wished my office a holiday season filled with joy, love and countless blessings, gifting a 200ml soy-blend wax candle proudly hand made in the UAE and smelling of sandalwood with delightful subtle undertones of vanilla. Cost unknown
07/02/2024Cadell, RossSelfSky News recently launched a new direct-to-consumer streaming subscription service available through and the Sky News Australia mobile and tablet app. To celebrate the launch they provided me a complimentary, non-transferrable Streaming Subscription, valid until 31 December 2024. Cost Unknown
07/12/2023Cadell, RossSelfIkebana is the centuries-old Japanese art of arranging flowers. The practice, which roughly translates to “making flowers come alive” uses carefully selected blossoms, greenery and other flora to convey a specific feeling or emotion to an observer, and to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Embassy of Japan in Australia, Ambassador of Japan to Australia HE Mr Suzuki Kazuhiro of the Embassy of Japan has gifted a beautiful Ikebana 2024 Calendar – Cost unknown
07/12/2023Cadell, RossSelfMr Jafarov gifted a 265g “Grand Place Gift Box” featuring beautiful packaging and an elegant selection of 30 chocolates, Grand Place is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation in chocolate of true Belgian chocolate by GODIVA, who proudly honour their nearly 100 years of Belgian roots by ensuring that every piece of GODIVA is bursting with quality, craftsmanship, and the world’s finest ingredients.
07/12/2023Cadell, RossSelfExchange of Christmas gifts with Vagif Jafarov Ph.D, Chargé d'Affaires a.i. of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
29/11/2023Cadell, RossSelfCropLife Australia have gifted with their compliments a delicious 1kg Grandma’s Puddings brand Australian made Traditional plum pudding which contains only Australian grown fruit and nuts – Cost unknown
29/11/2023Cadell, RossSelfKate Barwick from Capital K Communication kindly gifted my office a 200g box of Walkers Christmas Spiced delicious buttery Shortbread with warming hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, and a dusting of demerara sugar – Cost $8.00 at Coles
29/11/2023Cadell, RossSelf“Democracy” ISBN: 9781761211478 by Philip Bunting is a 32 page paperback book full of fascinating and engaging information about democracy, and provides young readers with easily digestible information about the importance of their voice. It is filled with handy tips on how to engage in community discussions, from petitions to peaceful protests, and explains the history of democracy in a funny and positive way.It was gifted to my office by the President of the Senate, Senator the Hon Sue Lines in recognition of the 35th anniversary of Australian Parliament House. Cost $24.99 from the Parliamentary Gift Shop
29/11/2023Cadell, RossSelfBlue XL size 100% Polyester Biz Collection Men’s T-shirt, style number T301MS with “Bravery Trek” logo and markings on the front - gifted by Jo Crawford-Wynd, Bravery Trust Media and Corporate Affairs Manager to raise awareness of the Bravery Trust’s fourth “Bravery Trek” a virtual distance challenge aligned to Veterans’ Health Week to raise funds for and awareness of the financial support available to ADF veterans. Cost unknown
29/11/2023Cadell, RossSelfJosephine Johnston, CEO of Copyright Agency has gifted “Heat And Light” ISBN: 9780702265990 a 260 page paperback book by Ellen van Neerven who takes traditional storytelling and gives it a unique, contemporary twist in this award-winning work of fiction from the First Nations Classics range. – Cost $19.99 from
27/11/2023Cadell, RossSelfIn the year of the XXXIII Olympiad the Minerals Council of Australia celebrate the minerals and medals that make great sporting moments possible by gifting my office a “Wide World of Minerals 2024 Calendar” - Cost unknown
17/11/2023Cadell, RossSelf“2023: A Year of Consequence” (ISBN: 9781760764173) is a 216 page paperback book by The Conversation & Justin Bergman (Editor) and is a collection of essays about a year of consequential decisions – not just for Australia, but the world. Contributors include: Marcia Langton, Frank Bongiorno, Matthew Sussex, Brian Schmidt, Richard Denniss, Emma Beckett, Peter Martin, Kevin Brophy, Carol Lefevre, Sally Young, John Maynard, Emma Shortis, David Lindenmayer, Sandra Phillips, Jim Stanford. Gifted to my Parliamentary Office by The Conversation & Michelle Grattan – Cost $24.90 from
16/11/2023Cadell, RossSelfThe popularity of the stand saw that they ran out of their fantastic looking trucker hats before I was able to get there but they did gift me a screen-printed white T-Shirt bearing their “Keep Farmers Farming” logo in Green print. The shirt is proudly displayed for all to see in the window of my Parliamentary office in Parliament House, Canberra. Cost - Unknown'
16/11/2023Cadell, RossSelfThe Albanese Government’s proposed legislation to tear up a deal developed by experts in partnership with local communities, and enable water buybacks from farmers will reduce food and fibre production and impact rural communities. To raise awareness of this, at their very busy stand and the “Taste the Basin” event at Parliament House on 15/11/2023 were providing members and Senators with a range of “Keep Farmers Farming” merchandise.
13/11/2023Cadell, RossSelfThe National School Chaplaincy Association provided 3,733,166 meals to students in Australian schools in 2023. They have teamed up with the Parliamentary Friends of School Chaplaincy to raise awareness of their efforts by hosting an immersive schoolyard breakfast experience on 15 Nov at Parliament House, the invite to which, was delivered to my Parliamentary Suite consisted of a 500g box of deliciously crunchy honey flavoured 'Chaplaincy Crunch' branded breakfast cereal, and they were delightful
13/11/2023Cadell, RossSelfThe Australian Forest Products Association has gifted a Christmas ornament that truly represents the quality and diversity of Australia’s forest products sector through its design and makeup. In the shape of a traditional snowflake the size of the ornament is 100mm high and wide. One half is Australian hardwood and the other half Australian softwood and like all Australian timber products the ornament is storing carbon and helps save the planet. – Cost unknown
09/11/2023Cadell, RossSelf“Signs at the Bay” proudly gifted my office an expertly screen-printed white XL T-Shirt bearing the message “NO COASTAL WIND FARMS – PORT STEPHENS” with a striking logo of a whale’s tale, the shirt is one of a range of merchandise and signage they produce to protest the Governments pursuit of an off shore wind factory off the beautiful and delicate coast of Port Stephens, NSW. The shirt is proudly displayed in the window of my Parliamentary office in Parliament House, Canberra. Cost - Unknown
08/11/2023Cadell, RossSelfThe Australian Dental Association, whilst appearing at a select committee, gifted all senators a TelScope Telehealth System, which combines a Medical Device & App to Capture Intraoral Telehealth Images and Videos, it provides intraoral illumination and retraction and depression of the tongue & cheeks, it then Captures medical grade quality images & videos inside the mouth for instant telehealth or teledentistry transmission using the included app to a doctor, dentist, or specialist. Cost unknown
18/10/2023Cadell, RossSelfThe National Waste & Recycling Industry Council gifted three Mini Wheelie Bin Desktop storage Pen/Pencil Organizer’s, being approximately 1:10 scale size of a real wheelie bin at 120mm high and 80mm wide the storage wheelie bins have red, green and yellow lids and are to celebrate National Recycling Week. Cost unknown
13/09/2023Cadell, RossSelf750ml bottle of Karabakh 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon from the Goyol Winery which at 150 years old is the oldest and most historical winery in the Caucasus region of Azerbaijan, presented personally by Mr. Vagif Jafarov, Head of Mission of the Azerbaijan Embassy on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan – Cost unknown
05/09/2023Cadell, RossSelfSawer’s The Australian Constitution Fourth Edition book (2023) 322 page paperback general introduction to the Constitution and a discussion of its significance to the civic life of Australia. Originally written by Professor Geoffrey Sawer AO while Professor of Law at the Australian National University and expanded and updated by Guy Aitken KC and Robert Orr PSM KC and published by the Australian Government Solicitor. ISBN: 978-0-646-87652-8 Gifted by Matthew Blunn, The Australian Government Solicitor – Cost unknown
05/09/2023Cadell, RossSelfNerada Organics 30 gram box containing 20 Pure Peppermint Herbal Infusion tagged tea bags, gifted by Australian Organic Limited for Organic Awareness Month to learn more and discuss organic and the opportunities that exist for the organic sector in Australia. Distributed by me to staff as I prefer a strong PG Tips or English Breakfast over Peppermint. RRP $3.60 from
28/08/2023Cadell, RossSelf112 page paperback book titled "The Voice to Parliament Handbook - All the Detail You Need" authored by Thomas Mayo and Kerry O'Brien, illustrated Cathy Wilcox and published by Hardie Grant Explore, The Voice to Parliament Handbook claims to be an easy-to-follow guide for the millions of Australians who have expressed support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart, but want to better understand what a Voice to Parliament actually means. The book was posted to the Electoral Office by Mr Patrick Corr of Port Macquarie along with a letter from Mr Corr, and was purchased by Mr Corr from Book Face Bookshop in Port Macquarie for $16.99
09/08/2023Cadell, RossSelf'Green and Gold coloured acrylic scarf that says "Wallabies" but with no official licensing markings, brands or tags, potentially unauthorised knock off - distributed to Senators by the Senate Whips office as arranged by Senator David Pocock for Senators to wear during Question Time on 9/8/2023 - cost unknown
03/08/2023Cadell, RossSelfOfficially licensed Football Australia dynamic jacquard knit Green and Gold "Matildas Volley Scarf" Manufactured by Burley Sekem and provided by Football Australia at the display of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023™ trophy at Parliament House - RRP $29.99 at
03/08/2023Cadell, RossSelfThe Australiasian Railway Association gifted two Rail Safety Week lapel pins, in striking colours symbolic of the key safety message "Stand Behind the Yellow Line" to promote Rail Safety Week between the 7th to the 13th of August 2023 - Cost unknown
03/08/2023Cadell, RossSelfJo Baxter, Oceania Board Member of the Rotary Action Group gifted the 416 page paperback book "Street Drugs - The New Addiction Industry" by Elaine Walters OAM - RRP $34.95 at
03/08/2023Cadell, RossSelf32 page hardcover book "Democracy!" by Philip Bunting and published in Australia by Hardie Grant Children’s Publishing. Democracy! is full of fascinating and engaging information about democracy, and provides young readers with easily digestible information about the importance of their voice. Gifted by the National Capital Attractions Association on behalf of the 165,000 Australian school students and thousands of families who visit Canberra each year. RRP $24.99 from
03/08/2023Cadell, RossSelf"AUSTRALIA’S FIRST CAMPAIGN - The capture of German New Guinea, 1914" a 214 page paperback book by Robert Stevenson RRP $19.99 at
03/08/2023Cadell, RossSelfLt Col (Ret) Nick Floyd, Maj General (Ret) Paul Stevens and Brig John Cox (Ret) from the RRAHC gifted two books, "CLASH OF THE GODS OF WAR - Australian Artillery and the Firepower Lessons of the Great War" a 624 page hardback book by William Westerman & Lieutenant Colonel Nick Floyd RRP $34.99 at of-war/
03/08/2023Cadell, RossSelfJoe Prevedello from the Australian Forest Products Association has gifted an embroidered baseball cap and lapel pin to recognise and promote National Forestry Day on 22nd August 2023
31/07/2023Cadell, RossSelfA Matildas World Cup Game Day Flag, dimensions 60 x 90cm RRP $24.99 at Rebel Sports and a Football Australia Matildas Logo Pin, RRP $10 at - Delivered to Parliament House Office 31/7/2023 and gifted by The Hon Anika Wells MP
11/07/2023Cadell, RossSelf96 page Paperback book – “The Promise” Author Rob Redenbach brings to life the horrors of World War I as he explores the continuing legacy of love, courage and sacrifice. Delivered to the EO and gifted by Rob Redenbach, Author & Resilience Coach. RRP $14.95 from
22/06/2023Cadell, RossSelfAustralia shaped shortbread biscuit with green icing aprox 100mm wide and 80mm tall gifted from Julian Leeser MP along with a card, on it written a section of his Constitutional Alteration Second Reading Speech - Value Unknown
31/05/2023Cadell, RossSelfThe Police Federation of Australia gifted 2 x Commemorative Tie's, cost unknown
22/05/2023Cadell, RossSelfIn recognition of International Tea Day, Matthew Cossey, CEO of Croplife Australia has provided an afternoon tea pack containing 10 tea bags containing 15 grams of Twinings pure green tea, 10 tea bags containing 20 grams of Twinings Australian Afternoon tea, 10 tea bags containing 20 grams of Twinings Pure Peppermint, a 100 gram bag of Byron Bay Triple Choc Cookies and a 100 gram bag of Byron Bay Macadamia shortbread.bites
16/03/2023Cadell, RossSelfOne ticket provided by Lake Macquarie City Council to the The Urban Development Institute of Australia Luncheon at 12pm on Thursday 16th March at Noah's to hear from the Hon. Sam Farraway MLC, Minister for Regional Transport and Roads talk about the NSW Government’s transport priorities for the region, and how government can better align infrastructure planning and delivery with development to support the new housing and jobs needed in the Hunter. Value $155
08/03/2023Cadell, RossSelfSteeden Size 5 NRL Official Replica Rugby League Football, gifted by the NRL - Value $29.99 at Steeden Official Website
09/02/2023Cadell, RossSelf6 x bottles of Pepperjack Grenache valued at $19.99 each ($119.94 Total) at and 6 x bottles of Early Development Low Alcohol wine (Value unknown as not sold commercially) donated to the Parliamentary Friends of Viticulture by Treasury Wines Estate and unused at the Wednesday 8th of February PFOV event at Parliament House.
08/02/2023Cadell, RossSelfA customized green and white coffee mug, with compliments of the Mineral Council of Australia - Cost unknown
15/12/2022Cadell, RossSelfOne bottle of Tyrrell's Chardonnay Pinot Noir Brut NV value $29.99 at and 500 grams of loose Red Cherries valued at $8.45 at Coles the Junction, delivered to the Newcastle Electoral Office as a Christmas gift from ClubsNSW.
05/12/2022Cadell, RossSelfPaperback book "Growing Up In Country Australia" Edited by Rick Morton posted to the EO by Josephine Johnston CEO of CopyrightAgency. Value unknown.
05/12/2022Cadell, RossSelfNewcastle Jets 2022/23 Authentic Mens Home Jersey - Gift from Port of Newcastle /Newcastle Jets, Value $109 on Newcastle Jets website. Delivered to Electoral Office 5/12/2022
28/11/2022Cadell, RossSelfWooden Christmas decoration, 2 pieces that slide together to make one decoration thats aprox 10cm by 10cm from Australian Forest Products Association. Value unknown
28/11/2022Cadell, RossSelf1kg Grandma's Puddings Brand Traditional Pudding from Croplife Australia delivered to APH Office and addresses to Senator Cadell
22/11/2022Cadell, RossSelf160g bag of Allens Jaffas delivered to our office by #Makeitaustralian Screen Industry Event
08/11/2022Cadell, RossSelfBox of biscuits, 10 Savoury biscuits is a blue cardboard box addressed to Senator Cadell and delivered to APH suite on 8/11/22 but with no card or indication who they were from.
25/10/2022Cadell, RossSelfPaperback book titled "Gun Control" by David Leyonhjelm, posted to APH Office by David Leyonhjelm
25/10/2022Cadell, RossSelfBudget Week Coffee Kit from Croplife Australia containing Coffee beans & a coffee mug
25/10/2022Cadell, RossSelfBudget Weeks Survival Kit from the Naturpath & Herbalists Association of Australia containing soap, olive oil, teabags & protein Balls
20/10/2022Cadell, RossSelfOngoing Supply of refrigerator for office by Australian Hotels Association - Value unknown
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfNil
-Cadell, RossSpouse/partnerRestricted information
-Cadell, RossDependent childrenRestricted information

12. Travel or hospitality

Travel or hospitality - 15 records

Sponsored travel or hospitality where the value exceeds $300

DateRepPersonDetails of travel/hospitality
21/05/2024Cadell, RossSelfAustralia Post employs more than 63,000 people of all ages, genders and abilities, and in financial year 2023 they delivered more than 2.5 billion items around the country and had more than 202 million visits from members of the Australian community to their Post Office network. It’s this network and planned reductions to it in my local community which was the subject of discussion at a dinner with members of the Australia Post board, other local representatives and Hunter based customers at the wonderful EARP Distillery Co. I had a three course meal starting with the wonderful Kingfish Ceviche that I thought was delicious followed by the main of Medium Rare Steak accompanied by chat potatoes and beans. Dessert was a Chocolate Delice. these were served on an alternate drop system and I was very happy to not be asked to swap. In the absence of Pepsi max at the bar I also had a number of cans of it's poor cousin Coke no sugar.
08/11/2023Cadell, RossSelf2 x tickets and hospitality to the Caulfield Cup on 21 October 2023 at the Caulfield Racecourse guest of Melbourne Racing Club
12/09/2023Cadell, RossSelfTwo tickets and hospitality from the National Rugby League to see the mighty Newcastle Knights defeat the Canberra Raiders in an overtime cliffhanger at McDonald Jones Stadium. I took my father, I ate one single prawn (too nervous to eat) and then had two party pies when we were in the lead in the second half, and had seven Pepsi Max’s throughout. Value unknown.
27/07/2023Cadell, RossSelfLunch at the Chevron worker facilities at Butler park (which i was unable to eat as i was feeling ill); 2 x Nurofen Tablets (which did not help); 1 x Packet of Claratyne (which did); 1 x Chevron Cap, Cost Unknown
27/07/2023Cadell, RossSelfReturn seat on a Cobham airline aircraft from Perth to Barrow Island to inspect gas plant and carbon capture and storage facility as part of a Parliamentary /Departmental/Investor tour Group
26/05/2023Cadell, RossSelfUpgrade of Velocity Lounge membership from Silver to Beyond
26/05/2023Cadell, RossSelfUpgrade of Qantas Lounge Membership from Gold to Chairman's.
16/03/2023Cadell, RossSelfTwo general admission & function tickets to the Newcastle City Council Supercars event at Fort Scratchley on Saturday 11th of March 2023 value $270 each provided by Newcastle Council
16/03/2023Cadell, RossSelfOne ticket to the Supercars executive lounge suite for the Newcastle Supercars event provided by Supercars Australia, Value unknown
16/03/2023Cadell, RossSelfOne ticket to the Destination New South Wales Pitlane Corporate Box for the duration of the Newcastle Supercars event provided by Destination New South Wales, Value unknown
16/11/2022Cadell, RossSelfTicket to Sydney Institute Dinner with The Hon. Richard Marles MP speaking. Hosted by Star Entertainment Group value not known.
20/10/2022Cadell, RossSelfTickets and Hospitality to Everest Horse race by TABCORP - Value unknown
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfNil
-Cadell, RossSpouse/partnerRestricted information
-Cadell, RossDependent childrenRestricted information

13. Office holder or donor

Office holder or donor - 5 records

Being an office holder of or financial contributor donating $300 or more in any single calendar year to any organisation

DateRepPersonName of organisation
23/09/2022Cadell, RossSelfNational Party of Australia, New South Wales $1,000
23/09/2022Cadell, RossSelfNational Party of Australia, Western Australia $1,000
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfNational Party of New South Wales
-Cadell, RossSpouse/partnerRestricted information
-Cadell, RossDependent childrenRestricted information

14. Other Interests

Other Interests - 3 records

Any other interests where a conflict of interest with a member's or senator's public duties could foreseeably arise or be seen to arise

DateRepPersonNature of interests
04/08/2022Cadell, RossSelfNil
-Cadell, RossSpouse/partnerRestricted information
-Cadell, RossDependent childrenRestricted information

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