Interests - 46th Parliament



Real Estate

The number of interests may include those held by a spouse/partner and/or dependent children.

Sam McMahonFormer Senator for Northern Territory 2019-2022Country Liberal Party (until Jan 2022)20
Andrew LamingFormer Member for Bowman, Queensland 2004-2022Liberal National Party of Queensland14
Gerard RennickSenator for QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland14
Karen AndrewsMember for McPherson, QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland14
Nola MarinoMember for Forrest, Western AustraliaLiberal Party of Australia14
Ben SmallSenator for Western Australia 2020-2022Liberal Party of Australia12
Gladys LiuFormer Member for Chisholm, Victoria 2019-2022Liberal Party of Australia12
Ian GoodenoughMember for Moore, Western AustraliaLiberal Party of Australia12
Tony BurkeMember for Watson, NSWAustralian Labor Party12
Catryna BilykSenator for TasmaniaAustralian Labor Party10
Deborah O'NeillSenator for NSWAustralian Labor Party10
Gavin PearceMember for Braddon, TasmaniaLiberal Party of Australia10
Joel FitzgibbonFormer Member for Hunter, NSW 1996-2022Australian Labor Party10
Linda BurneyMember for Barton, NSWAustralian Labor Party10
Sue LinesSenator for Western AustraliaAustralian Labor Party10
Tony ZappiaMember for Makin, South AustraliaAustralian Labor Party10
Anthony AlbaneseMember for Grayndler, NSWAustralian Labor Party8
Bridget McKenzieSenator for VictoriaThe Nationals8
Damian DrumFormer Member for Nicholls, Victoria 2016-2022The Nationals8
Darren ChesterMember for Gippsland, VictoriaThe Nationals8
David GillespieMember for Lyne, NSWThe Nationals8
Glenn SterleSenator for Western AustraliaAustralian Labor Party8
Madeleine KingMember for Brand, Western AustraliaAustralian Labor Party8
Maria VamvakinouMember for Calwell, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party8
Mehreen FaruqiSenator for NSWAustralian Greens8
Meryl SwansonMember for Paterson, NSWAustralian Labor Party8
Mike KellyFormer Member for Eden-Monaro 2007-2020Australian Labor Party8
Milton DickMember for Oxley, QueenslandAustralian Labor Party8
Nick McKimSenator for TasmaniaAustralian Greens8
Rick WilsonMember for O'Connor, Western AustraliaLiberal Party of Australia8
Ross VastaMember for Bonner, QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland8
Rowan RamseyMember for Grey, South AustraliaLiberal Party of Australia8
Sarah HendersonSenator for VictoriaLiberal Party of Australia8
Scott BuchholzMember for Wright, QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland8
Stirling GriffSenator for South AustraliaCentre Alliance8
Tanya PlibersekMember for Sydney, NSWAustralian Labor Party8
Tim WilsonFormer Member for Goldstein, Victoria 2016-2022Liberal Party of Australia8
Amanda RishworthMember for Kingston, South AustraliaAustralian Labor Party6
Anne AlyMember for Cowan, Western AustraliaAustralian Labor Party6
Barnaby JoyceMember for New England, NSWThe Nationals6
Brendan O'ConnorMember for Gorton, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party6
Carol BrownSenator for TasmaniaAustralian Labor Party6
Chris HayesFormer Member for Fowler, NSW 2005-2022Australian Labor Party6
Concetta Fierravanti-WellsFormer Senator for NSW 2005-2022Liberal Party of Australia6
David FawcettSenator for South AustraliaLiberal Party of Australia6
Dean SmithSenator for Western AustraliaLiberal Party of Australia6
Garth HamiltonMember for Groom, QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland6
Ged KearneyMember for Cooper, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party6
Helen PolleySenator for TasmaniaAustralian Labor Party6
Jason FalinskiFormer Member for Mackellar, NSW, 2016-2022Liberal Party of Australia6
Jenny McAllisterSenator for NSWAustralian Labor Party6
Jess WalshSenator for VictoriaAustralian Labor Party6
Jim ChalmersMember for Rankin, QueenslandAustralian Labor Party6
Jonathon DuniamSenator for TasmaniaLiberal Party of Australia6
Josh WilsonMember for Fremantle, Western AustraliaAustralian Labor Party6
Justine ElliotMember for Richmond, NSWAustralian Labor Party6
Keith PittMember for Hinkler, QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland6
Kim CarrFormer Senator for Victoria 1993-2022Australian Labor Party6
Kristy McBainMember for Eden-Monaro, NSWAustralian Labor Party6
Lisa ChestersMember for Bendigo, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party6
Luke HowarthMember for Petrie, QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland6
Marielle SmithSenator for South AustraliaAustralian Labor Party6
Mark CoultonMember for Parkes, NSWThe Nationals6
Melissa PriceMember for Durack, Western AustraliaLiberal Party of Australia6
Michael SukkarMember for Deakin, VictoriaLiberal Party of Australia6
Michaelia CashSenator for Western AustraliaLiberal Party of Australia6
Mike FreelanderMember for Macarthur, NSWAustralian Labor Party6
Penny WongSenator for South AustraliaAustralian Labor Party6
Perin DaveySenator for NSWThe Nationals6
Peter DuttonMember for Dickson, QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland6
Raff CicconeSenator for VictoriaAustralian Labor Party6
Rex PatrickFormer Senator for South Australia 2017-2022Independent6
Richard MarlesMember for Corio, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party6
Steve GeorganasMember for Adelaide, South AustraliaAustralian Labor Party6
Susan TemplemanMember for Macquarie, NSWAustralian Labor Party6
Sussan LeyMember for Farrer, NSWLiberal Party of Australia6
Terry YoungMember for Longman, QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland6
Tony PasinMember for Barker, South AustraliaLiberal Party of Australia6
Wendy AskewSenator for TasmaniaLiberal Party of Australia6
Alan TudgeFormer Member for Aston, Victoria (resigned 17/2/2023)Liberal Party of Australia4
Alex AnticSenator for South AustraliaLiberal Party of Australia4
Amanda StokerFormer Senator for Queensland 2018-2022Liberal National Party of Queensland4
Andrew GeeMember for Calare, NSWThe Nationals4
Andrew WilkieMember for Clark, TasmaniaIndependent4
Anne StanleyMember for Werriwa, NSWAustralian Labor Party4
Anne UrquhartSenator for TasmaniaAustralian Labor Party4
Anne WebsterMember for Mallee, VictoriaThe Nationals4
Anthony ChisholmSenator for QueenslandAustralian Labor Party4
Ben MortonFormer Member for Tangney, Western Australia 2016-2022Liberal Party of Australia4
Catherine KingMember for Ballarat, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party4
Chris BowenMember for McMahon, NSWAustralian Labor Party4
Christian PorterFormer Member for Pearce, Western Australia 2013-2022Liberal Party of Australia4
Claire ChandlerSenator for TasmaniaLiberal Party of Australia4
Clare O'NeilMember for Hotham, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party4
Dan TehanMember for Wannon, VictoriaLiberal Party of Australia4
Dave SharmaMember for Wentworth, NSW 2019-2022Liberal Party of Australia4
David LittleproudMember for Maranoa, QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland4
Don FarrellSenator for South AustraliaAustralian Labor Party4
Emma McBrideMember for Dobell, NSWAustralian Labor Party4
Eric AbetzFormer Senator for Tasmania 1994-2022Liberal Party of Australia4
Fiona PhillipsMember for Gilmore, NSWAustralian Labor Party4
Greg MirabellaFormer Senator for Victoria 2021-2022Liberal Party of Australia4
Helen HainesMember for Indi, VictoriaIndependent4
James PatersonSenator for VictoriaLiberal Party of Australia4
Janet RiceSenator for VictoriaAustralian Greens4
Jason ClareMember for Blaxland, NSWAustralian Labor Party4
Jason WoodMember for La Trobe, VictoriaLiberal Party of Australia4
Julian HillMember for Bruce, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party4
Julian SimmondsFormer Member for Ryan, Queensland 2019-2022Liberal National Party of Queensland4
Julie CollinsMember for Franklin, TasmaniaAustralian Labor Party4
Julie OwensFormer Member for Parramatta, NSW 2004-2022Australian Labor Party4
Karen GroganSenator for South AustraliaAustralian Labor Party4
Kate ThwaitesMember for Jagajaga, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party4
Katie AllenFormer Member for Higgins, Victoria 2019-2022Liberal Party of Australia4
Ken O'DowdFormer Member for Flynn, Queensland 2010-2022Liberal National Party of Queensland4
Ken WyattFormer Member for Hasluck, Western Australia 2010-2022Liberal Party of Australia4
Kevin AndrewsFormer Member for Menzies, Victoria 1991-2022Liberal Party of Australia4
Kevin HoganMember for Page, NSWThe Nationals4
Libby CokerMember for Corangamite, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party4
Linda ReynoldsSenator for Western AustraliaLiberal Party of Australia4
Louise PrattSenator for Western AustraliaAustralian Labor Party4
Malarndirri McCarthySenator for Northern TerritoryAustralian Labor Party4
Marise PayneSenator for NSWLiberal Party of Australia4
Mark DreyfusMember for Isaacs, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party4
Matthew CanavanSenator for QueenslandThe Nationals4
Michael McCormackMember for Riverina, NSWThe Nationals4
Michelle LandryMember for Capricornia, QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland4
Michelle RowlandMember for Greenway, NSWAustralian Labor Party4
Nita GreenSenator for QueenslandAustralian Labor Party4
Pat ConaghanMember for Cowper, NSWThe Nationals4
Pat Conroy Member for Shortland, NSWAustralian Labor Party4
Paul FletcherMember for Bradfield, NSWLiberal Party of Australia4
Pauline HansonSenator for QueenslandPauline Hanson's One Nation4
Peter KhalilMember for Wills, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party4
Phillip ThompsonMember for Herbert, QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland4
Rebekha SharkieMember for Mayo, South AustraliaCentre Alliance4
Richard ColbeckSenator for TasmaniaLiberal Party of Australia4
Rob MitchellMember for McEwen, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party4
Russell BroadbentMember for Monash, VictoriaLiberal Party of Australia4
Shayne NeumannMember for Blair, QueenslandAustralian Labor Party4
Simon BirminghamSenator for South AustraliaLiberal Party of Australia4
Slade BrockmanSenator for Western AustraliaLiberal Party of Australia4
Stephen JonesMember for Whitlam, NSWAustralian Labor Party4
Susan McDonaldSenator for QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland4
Ted O'BrienMember for Fairfax, QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland4
Tim AyresSenator for NSWAustralian Labor Party4
Tim Watts Member for Gellibrand, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party4
Tony SmithFormer Member for Casey, Victoria 2001-2022Liberal Party of Australia4
Warren EntschMember for Leichhardt, QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland4
Warren SnowdonFormer Member for Lingiari, Northern Territory 2001-2022 Australian Labor Party4
Zali SteggallMember for Warringah, NSWIndependent4
Zed SeseljaFormer Senator for ACT 2013-2022Liberal Party of Australia4
Adam BandtMember for Melbourne, VictoriaAustralian Greens2
Alex GallacherFormer Senator for South Australia (Died in office 29/08/2021)Australian Labor Party2
Alex HawkeMember for Mitchell, NSWLiberal Party of Australia2
Alicia PayneMember for Canberra, ACTAustralian Labor Party2
Andrew BraggSenator for NSWLiberal Party of Australia2
Andrew GilesMember for Scullin, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party2
Andrew HastieMember for Canning, Western AustraliaLiberal Party of Australia2
Andrew LeighMember for Fenner, ACTAustralian Labor Party2
Angus TaylorMember for Hume, NSWLiberal Party of Australia2
Anika WellsMember for Lilley, QueenslandAustralian Labor Party2
Anne RustonSenator for South AustraliaLiberal Party of Australia2
Anthony ByrneFormer Member for Holt, Victoria 1999 - 2022Australian Labor Party2
Bert van ManenMember for Forde, QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland2
Bill ShortenMember for Maribyrnong, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party2
Brian MitchellMember for Lyons, TasmaniaAustralian Labor Party2
Bridget ArcherMember for Bass, TasmaniaLiberal Party of Australia2
Celia HammondFormer Member for Curtin, Western Australia 2019-2022Liberal Party of Australia2
Daniel MulinoMember for Fraser, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party2
David ColemanMember for Banks, NSWLiberal Party of Australia2
David SmithMember for Bean, ACTAustralian Labor Party2
Ed HusicMember for Chifley, NSWAustralian Labor Party2
Fiona MartinFormer Member for Reid, NSW 2019-2022Liberal Party of Australia2
Graham PerrettMember for Moreton, QueenslandAustralian Labor Party2
Greg HuntFormer Member for Flinders, Victoria 2001-2022Liberal Party of Australia2
Jacqui LambieSenator for TasmaniaJacqui Lambie Network2
James McGrathSenator for QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland2
Jane HumeSenator for VictoriaLiberal Party of Australia2
Jim MolanSenator for NSWLiberal Party of Australia2
Joanne RyanMember for Lalor, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party2
John AlexanderFormer Member for Bennelong, NSW 2010-2022Liberal Party of Australia2
Josh BurnsMember for Macnamara, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party2
Josh FrydenbergFormer Member for Kooyong, Victoria 2010-2022Liberal Party of Australia2
Julian LeeserMember for Berowra, NSWLiberal Party of Australia2
Katy GallagherSenator for ACTAustralian Labor Party2
Kristina KeneallyFormer Senator for NSW 2018-2022Australian Labor Party2
Larissa WatersSenator for QueenslandAustralian Greens2
Lidia ThorpeSenator for VictoriaAustralian Greens2
Llew O'BrienMember for Wide Bay, QueenslandLiberal National Party of Queensland2
Lucy WicksFormer Member for Robertson, NSW 2013-2022Liberal Party of Australia2
Luke GoslingMember for Solomon, Northern TerritoryAustralian Labor Party2
Malcolm RobertsSenator for QueenslandPauline Hanson's One Nation2
Mark ButlerMinister for Health and Aged CareMember for Hindmarsh, South AustraliaAustralian Labor Party2
Matt O'SullivanSenator for Western AustraliaLiberal Party of Australia2
Matt ThistlethwaiteMember for Kingsford Smith, NSWAustralian Labor Party2
Melissa McIntoshMember for Lindsay, NSWLiberal Party of Australia2
Murray WattSenator for QueenslandAustralian Labor Party2
Nick ChampionFormer Member for Spence, South Australia 2019-2022 Australian Labor Party2
Nicolle FlintFormer Member for Boothby, South Australia 2016-2022Liberal Party of Australia2
Paul ScarrSenator for QueenslandLiberal Party of Australia2
Peta MurphyMember for Dunkley, VictoriaAustralian Labor Party2
Peter Whish-WilsonSenator for TasmaniaAustralian Greens2
Sarah Hanson-YoungSenator for South AustraliaAustralian Greens2
Scott MorrisonMember for Cook, NSWLiberal Party of Australia2
Scott Ryan Former Senator for Victoria 2007-2021Liberal Party of Australia2
Sharon BirdFormer Member for Cunningham, NSW 2004-2022Australian Labor Party2
Sharon ClaydonMember for Newcastle, NSWAustralian Labor Party2
Steve IronsFormer Member for Swan, Western Australia 2007-2022Liberal Party of Australia2
Terri ButlerFormer Member for Griffith, Queensland 2014-2022Australian Labor Party2
Tony SheldonSenator for NSWAustralian Labor Party2
Trevor EvansFormer Member for Brisbane, Queensland 2016-2022Liberal National Party of Queensland2
Vince ConnellyFormer Member for Stirling, Western Australia 2019-2022Liberal Party of Australia2